Saturday, March 31, 2007

Light Tent

After just purchasing a light tent, some experimental photos were taken and this is one of the better photos that came out of it. Keeping the scene clean from dirt and hair will be a bit of a challenge as they do show up very easily.

The light tent has four different colours, red, white, black and the blue as used here. It should be interesting to see the different effects that can be created.

Sally's auntie gave us this set for one a wedding anniversary. By using the light tent, the photo was captured without any of the unwanted light reflections that would happen when using a flashlight.

Another photo taken in the light tent this time with a china plate. Once again taken with the dark blue background.


Lucky-1 said...

Very Nice photos Mick.

Welcome to the world of blogging:)

Susan Borgas said...

Yes welcome to the world of blogging. The photos are great and looking forward to seeing some more of your creativity.

Mick Moore said...

Thanks for the comments.
So easy, so much fun.....