Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Ayres Rock.

Ayers Rock is located in the lower part of the Northern Territory some 280 miles or 450 kilometres southwest of Alice Springs and is the world's largest monolith.

These two photos were both taken from the same viewing station at different times of the day. This particular one was taken during the middle of the afternoon while the photo below was during the very late afternoon.

The viewing area that they were taken from is called the "Sunset viewing Area". When we were there on this day, we were totally amazed how the tourist behaved to try to capture what they thought was going to be a good photo of the rock.

As the setting sun goes down, the rock becomes a photographers paradise with the changing colours. For a while, the rock starts to glow red as the sun sets in the western sky.

This particular photo was taken while there was still some light shining on the top half of the rock creating the red effect. After seeing this spectacle during a good sunset, the next thing to see would be the water running off of it during a thunderstorm.

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