Sunday, April 1, 2007

Liquid Amber.

Jacob's Creek with a red background today, what do you think. I rather like the red for this photo but others will have their own opinion.

It would have to be a personal choice as to who likes the red or the blue background. Fore me I am leaning towards the red for this photo.

I have really enjoyed today's photos as I am not one to waste a good drop so I have had to drink the contents of each glass after the photo shoot.

Carlton Draught makes for a good drop and a good photo against the blue background with the red grapes to the front.

The red and green colors of the Coopers home brew mix well with the blue background.

With a photo that was one stop over exposed, the blue background was more evident. I prefer this one with the correct exposure.

Sally just had to put the Crow on top of the home brew can.

1 comment:

Susan Borgas said...

Very nice indeed! I like them all although if I had to pick a favourite I would go with the one with the red background.