Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Not that long ago when looking at photos on the internet, I came across some photos of sign and thought that it was something different.

Yesterday with my camera in hand, I went searching for suitable signs to photograph just to see what I could come up with.

Crouched down on the footpath while looking up, the camera started clicking. When doing this sort of thing you hope that you are far enough away from home that no one knows who you are as the motorist must have wondered what I was doing.

I was after a long sign, possibly a roadworks sign which I could look down onto rather than having the sign overhead but unfortunately it wasn't to be.


Susan Borgas said...

After awhile you learn to ignore the eyes watching you! :D

The perspective of the first image is my favourite photo of this really does appeal to me.

Mick Moore said...

The first photo that you have mentioned was the sort of thing that I had set out to achieve, just looks effective.