Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Breakaways.

This unique region of ancient Australian outback, dates back over 70 million years ago, and features many flat-topped mesas, that at one stage in time would have been islands in a vast inland sea. ‘The Breakaways’ gets its name because from a distance, the features look like they have ‘broken away’ from the main range - the Stuart Ranges.

The Breakaways is also a major movie filming location including Mad Max III - Beyond Thunderdome (Tina Turner and Mel Gibson), Priscilla Queen of the Desert (Hugo Weaving, Terrance Stamp, Guy Pearce, Bill Hunter), Ground Zero, and Pitch Black (Vin Diesel) being filmed in and around this scenic area. From here you can also trek to the ‘Dog Fence’ and then back to Coober Pedy, which is only about 25 km away.

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