Friday, June 15, 2007

Gawler Ranges & Beyond - Part Four

Part four of the Gawler Ranges & Beyond will show some of the typical landscapes that can be found in the area.

After the recent rains that have been experienced in the area over the last few months, the red hills blended well in against the green grass which was in abundance during our visit.

The next posting will be the last one in the Series of Gawler Ranges & Beyond. With so many photos taken over our three day visit, there will be so many that will appear here in time to come.


Bart said...

Your pictures seem to have different colours than Susan's, nice to see them both. There is a very rewarding play of light and shadow in these landscapes. It creates such a nice depth.

Mick Moore said...

It is amazing how you take things for granted when you live there full time.

It isn't until you move away and then revisit years later that one appreciates the country.