Saturday, June 16, 2007

Gawler Ranges & Beyond - Part Five.

With our three days touring the Gawler Ranges, this allowed us to camp in our tents for two nights. This sunset was during our first night with the second night although not as colourful as the first night, it was still nice to watch the sun setting.

The surrounding colours of the campground and the red dirt made way for great photos as the sun started to shine on our second day.

This was our second night camping under the stars. It was a matter of finding a bush track that took us away from the main road to an isolated location where there was only us and nature to enjoy it. The other requirement of course was fallen timber for our campfire at night.


Lucky-1 said...

I love the last photo of today's posting:)

Really enjoyed the series you have presented to us. Even more special as you are my brother:)

Mick Moore said...

Well, how do I comment on comments like that.